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Attorney Profile Sheldon I. Cohen

Sheldon Cohen has been named as one of the "Best Lawyers in Washington" in the field of National Security Law by Washingtonian Magazine.
Mr. Cohen has authored numerous Security Clearance publications, some of which can be viewed on this web site..


Sheldon I. Cohen graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering, and a B.A. in Humanities (with honors); and from Georgetown University School of Law with an L.L.B.


He was admitted to the bars of the Supreme Court of the United States. Virginia, District of Columbia, U.S. Claims Court and the Federal Courts of Appeal for the D.C. Circuit, 4th Circuit, and the Federal Circuit. 

Mr. Cohen was an Associate with the firm of Chapman, DiSalle & Friedman, Washington, D.C. before starting his own practice handling government and private employment discrimination and national security cases since then. His primary practice in the last 18 years has been employment law with major emphasis on national security law and government employment law, representing various individuals, unions and employers, and appearing before the MSPB, FLRA, EEOC, DoD Office of Hearings and Appeals, state courts, Federal District Courts, Federal Courts of Appeal and intelligence community agencies. He won the first handicap discrimination case against the Federal government (Sheposka v. United States, 563 F.2d 1113 ). He also won the first government contractor security clearance case under the Administrative Procedures Act and the Constitutional Due Process Clause (Kartseva v. Dept. of State, 37 F.3d 1524). He obtained a reversal of the Office of Personnel Managements denial of retirement annuities for senate employees. (Conner v. OPM, 104 F.3d 1344). Mr. Cohen has won numerous security clearance cases before the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals and other government agencies, which can be found on its web site by searching under his name.


Mr. Cohen has been active in the bar in the following positions: Chair, American Bar Association Committee on National Security Interests; Chair, ABA Government Personnel Committee, Chair, Civil Service Law Committee, Bar Association of the District of Columbia, Vice Chair, ABA Committee on Contracting with National Security Requirements, Member Vice Chair, Legal Ethics and Grievance Committee, Bar Association of District of Columbia, and Member and Master, American Inns of Court.

Sheldon Cohen has been named among the "Best Lawyers in Washington" in the field of National Security Law by Washingtonian Magazine.

He has authored numerous publications in the field of National Security Law and Security Clearances, some of which can be viewed on this web site.